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Meet Moll – Cornwall’s unlikeliest matchmaker.


When terrier Moll’s owner dies, she is determined to protect his widow, Suki. And that means finding her a new man to care for her.


As Suki navigates grief, dating and men with baggage of their own, Moll tries gently to push her beloved owner to moving on with someone Moll has chosen, with a good sense of humour, a generous heart, and a steady supply of biscuits.


But Suki has a frustrating habit of doing things the way she wants, instead of Moll’s way. Until she meets Ted, who Moll adores almost as much as Suki does.


Ted, though, has demons of his own – so is he really the right choice for Suki? 

With Moll getting older, and Suki still struggling, can this devoted pup fulfil her promise to look after her owner, before her time runs out?


A quirky tale of second chances, told through the eyes of woman’s best friend.

The Rescue

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